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Arkansas State Library Depository Program: Home

How and when to deposit official NWACC Publications with the Arkansas State Library

Pertinent State Laws

Act 489 of 1979 established the Arkansas State Library. Section 8 of the act mandates the Arkansas State Library serve as the:

§Official Depository of State Documents
§State and Local Government Publication Clearinghouse, which distributes Arkansas documents to other state depository libraries
§Regional Federal Depository Library
Act 241 of 1981

AN ACT to Amend Section 2 of Act 204 of 1943 Ark. Stat. 12-1907 to Simplify the Printing and Distribution of Departmental Biennial Reports

Act 1106 of 1993

AN ACT to Amend Arkansas Code Annotated § 25-15-204 and 25-15-203 to Provide Increased Availability of Agency Rules and Regulations for Public Inspection; and for Other Purposes.

Every agency, including those exempted under § 25-15-202, shall file with the Secretary of State and the Arkansas State Library a certified copy of each rule and regulation adopted by it.

State Publications Depository and Clearinghouse

The depository program at the Arkansas State Library provides a central, permanent collection of state government publications.

Publications are made available at the local level through distribution of documents to designated state depository libraries.

The State Library creates and maintains bibliographic access to state publications, and also assists state government and the general public with accessing the collections. 

The value of the State Depository Program increases as more publications are provided by State Agencies and State Supported Educational Institutions.

The Arkansas State Library relies on its Agency Liaisons to submit publications.

Agency Liaisons are designated by the agency director or educational institution’s chancellor/president.