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Information Literacy Guide for Faculty

This guide is designed to help you learn about information literacy (IL) instruction services offered by NWACC Library

Why Choose Information Literacy Instruction?

Information Literacy (IL) is one of NWACC's General Learning Outcomes. Inviting librarians into your classroom is a great way to meeting this learning outcome! Information literacy skills can be taught in a variety of ways - through traditional library instruction, digital learning objects, asynchronous support, and more. 

This guide provides information on all the IL instruction services offered by the library. 

Students Demonstrate Information Literacy - Information Literacy is a process involving complex skills. Students must be able to: develop and refine their research question, create a research plan, identify information sources relevant to their needs, search those sources effectively, critically evaluate what they find, share their findings ethically, and synthesize their information appropriately for their audience (NWACC Course Catalog pg. 82).

Request Information Literacy & Library Instruction

We can conduct one session or scaffold instruction over multiple sessions. View our Information Literacy Guide For Faculty for more information about library instruction.

Librarians provide instruction in three modalities:

  1. In person [your classroom or ours, the Library Classroom BH 1208] 

  2. Remote synchronous [live streaming on Microsoft Teams or your preferred platform] 

  3. Embedded librarian [ongoing student support inside Canvas] 

Request a librarian to work with your students by filling this form below. Faculty may select multiple instruction formats to best meet their course objectives. 

Assignment Review

Librarians can assist with your course assignment which involves research, we can recommend information literacy learning outcomes and assessment methods and suggest ways to incorporate library resources. This should help your students steer away from inferior websites and toward higher quality sources. 

Contact us for more information.



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