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Know Our Library Liaisons

The NWACC Library utilizes a liaison system to ensure our collections meet the curricular needs of NWACC students, faculty and staff.

Library Liaisons are librarians assigned to academic areas, such as English, Math, Sociology, etc., and one of their primary responsibilities is to communicate with faculty about how the library's holdings in those areas (books, media, databases, journals) support their coursework and student assignments.

Library Liaisons communicate and work with faculty to purchase books and media in their assigned subject areas from the departments designated annual budget (see budget documents below) and solicit feedback on library journal and database subscriptions that support coursework and student assignments.

Throughout the academic year Library Liaisons will contact faculty in their assigned areas to discuss the state of library collections and any new curricular or academic needs. Faculty are also encouraged to initiate contact with their Library Liaison on their own.

The goal of the Library Liaison system is to ensure that NWACC students have access to library resources--books, media, journals, and databases--that meet their curricular needs and allow them to succeed in the academic environment.

Faculty are also invited to identify and share collection purchase suggestions via access to Choice Reviews, a monthly publication of recommended titles for academic libraries. First time users must create their user account for Choice Reviews from on campus, subsequently you can access it from anywhere.

To suggest that the Library purchase a specific items please contact the appropriate subject liaison listed below or use our Purchase Suggestion Form.

You may also wish to review the Library's Collection Development Guidelines for more information on what can be purchased for the collection.

Library Liaisons by Academic Department