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NWACC Library

Streaming Media : Video Captioning

This guide provides information on streaming media resources available from the NWACC library and additional internet resources.

Closed Captioning for Videos


Video captions allow users to access the full content of your video. This benefits:

  • Deaf and hard of hearing users
  • Users without access to speakers or in loud spaces
  • English Language Learners

The vast majority of library purchased or subscribed video content, aka databases, is already closed captioned. If you should encounter a video in library purchased or subscribed databases without captioning, please contact the library to obtain closed captions from the database provider. Please allow up to one month from when you need the video for closed captions to be created.

Warning: Videos found for free on the Internet may not contain closed captioning, and rarely, some videos from library databases are not captioned. Be sure to check with the provider or the library to ensure the content to you wish to use is captioned. Please contact us for assistance.



This guide was created with permission from the Arizona State University Streaming Video Guide at