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Source Evaluation Techniques

Think About Source Evaluation

With so much information overwhelming us, it can be a challenge to recognize the credible and reliable. There are multiple frameworks available for evaluating information sources. Many of them have memorable acronyms like CRAAP or SIFT. While each takes its own approach and names its elements uniquely, all evaluation of information sources boils down to one key question.

Who is telling me what and why?


Some academic disciplines prefer or recommend one technique over the others. Each technique offers information users valuable criteria and guidelines to use when filtering through sources.

In classes, use the framework recommended or required by your instructor for best results.

In life, just keep asking yourself that one question: Who is telling me what and why?

Guard Against Misinformation

Check out Rumor Guard from the News Literacy Project to learn about five factors you should consider when evaluating the credibility of a claim. Then use the techniques associated with each factor to apply your knowledge!