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Service Learning

Library resources to support NWACC service learning projects.


The EMPACTS learning model at NWACC transforms learners into innovative, productive leaders, who make meaningful contributions to the community, while deepening their learning of course content. EMPACTS teachers partner with students and the community as they implement service learning projects with a curricular focus. 

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Service Learning

Educational Outreach

EMPACTS faculty, staff, and students represent NWACC in educational outreach events throughout the year.


Adult learners in Introduction to Engineering engage in student led entrepreneurial design projects. They work in teams and use technology to problem-solve a particular engineering problem. The project goals include designing a product that will meet specific industry relevant goals and/or solve a particular community problem, as assigned by their faculty mentors. The skills developed in an Engineering EMPACTS problem will provide introductory students with the beginning skill sets needed to achieve success academically and professionally.


Living Laboratory


Adult learners taking courses in math, math communications, and math education concepts have the opportunity to apply course content, use technology, and build skills needed for success beyond college.

Math Structures II


Survey of Technical Math


Articles and Presentations


Principles of Biology, Environmental Geography, Astronomy, Physical Science, Plant Biology, Environmental Special Problems, Organic Physiological Chemistry, Environmental Biology, and Environmental Science

Technology & Design

The EMPACTS Lab affords students from a broad curriculum to engage in independent and small group Undergraduate Research, Technology, and STEM Design Projects.