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Information Literacy Guide for Faculty

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Information Literacy Instruction

Our librarians provide customized information literacy instruction across the curriculum.

Schedule a synchronous live streaming instructional session

We are on Microsoft Teams and BigBlueButton in Canvas. Are you on an other platorm? Let's talk!

Using a "flipped classroom" approach, we can teach your students to:

  • define their topic and formulate a research query
  • distinguish various information sources
  • search for information across knowledge platforms
  • evaluate sources for credibility and authority
  • incorporate their research into their assignment
  • cite their research properly

Asynchronous and Canvas-based instructional support (Embedded Librarian)

If you teach an online class, we provide synchronous or asynchronous online instruction with an embedded librarian as well as a variety of online resources that can be added to your Canvas course

How We Can Work with You

  • Help you design an effective research assignment that anticipates potential student stumbling blocks.
  • Evaluate a current research assignment for information literacy competencies.
  • Recommend specific library resources, as well as sources, source types, and tasks to meet your assignment's information literacy learning outcomes
  • Suggest the most appropriate type of library instruction: class session, part of a class session, scaffolding through multiple class sessions, online research guides, print handouts, tutorials, etc.
  • Schedule library instruction at student’s point of need to coincide with when they are most motivated to learn.
  • Provide instruction in our library classroom (BH 1208) or in yours.
  • Offer course support within Canvas for online and hybrid courses.
  • Stay in touch with your students to provide follow-up assistance after the library session through email and individual consultations.

Learning Outcomes for General Education

Information literacy is a learning outcome for general education at NWACC.  Library instruction at NWACC supports information literacy as defined by the Course Catalog (p. 59).

Students can employ a variety of sources to locate, evaluate, and use information. 
In support of personal, professional, and academic goals, students should be able to recognize a need for information and locate it. They must then be able to effectively evaluate the reliability and relevance of that information.
Information literacy is the set of integrated abilities encompassing:
  • discovering information in a reflective manner
  • understanding of how information is produced and valued
  • using information to create new knowledge
  • participating ethically in communities of learning