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NWACC Library

Information Literacy Guide for Faculty

This guide is designed to help you learn about information literacy (IL) instruction services offered by NWACC Library

best practice

Information Literacy learning objectives are best achieved when students see a direct connection between information literacy concepts and their coursework.

Tips for an Effective Library Instruction Experience

We know information resources, but you know your students. We need your presence and involvement in the planning and teaching of a library session to ensure that your students will be actively engaged.

  • Give the assignment before the library instruction session. Library sessions are most effective after students have chosen research topics and when they have an immediate and concrete need for the information literacy skills we teach.
  • Send the students’ topics in advance, and let us know if you want us to avoid or use them as examples during instruction.
  • Tell us the types of resources needed to complete assignment (e.g. books, peer-reviewed, primary, etc.) and the required citation style.
  • Attend the session. You will know what was covered and be able to answer questions about the assignment. Your presence also indicates to students that the library session is an integral part of the course