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OLD - BIOL 2214: Anatomy & Physiology I - Carey Chaney, Instructor: The Assignment

This guide is specific to Professor Chaney's Anatomy & Physiology I drug research assignment.


For this assignment you must research a drug, either legal or illegal, prescription or nonprescription from a minimum of three sources.

The drug you choose must either be a chemical messenger or in some way influence the action of a chemical messenger.  Please check with Professor Chaney before doing your research so know you have selected something appropriate (for example, antibiotics will not work for this assignment).

This assignment is more like an encyclopedia entry that a traditions research paper. Please format your document using the sections listed below.  Under each section write a paragraph or two to communicate the information. Drawing, graphs, tables or lists are encouraged but they should be introduced, labeled and cited properly.


NAMES (2 points)

Provide as many names (common, generic, brand, chemical or slang) for the drug as you can find (+).  Listing the names is acceptable. Include the legal classification here - schedule I-V (+)


Describe the chemical structure and physical characteristics. Include the chemical formula as well as an image (+). Provide the chemical classification, such as amine, steroid, eicosanoid, opioid, etc. (+)

USES (2 points)

List the uses for the drug and/or indications for use (+). Also provide any therapeutic or functional classification such as analgesic, anti-anxiety, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, stimulant, etc. (+)

ACTION (3 points)

Give a pharmacologic classification based on action or effect such as beta-blocker, diuretic, serotonin re-uptake inhibitor, etc. (+) Describe the cellular mechanism action. Explain how it influences chemical communication, or in some other way alters cell metabolism. Connect that to an overall physiological effect. (+2)


Include how is the drug given- by mouth, injection, inhaled, IV, absorbed through skin, etc. (+) Include any information about dosing- amount, frequency, duration (+).


List any side effects or risks of taking the drug (+). Identify contraindications or dangers of usage with other drugs (+). 

REFERENCES (9 points)

You must use at least at least three sources that you used to find the above information. Please cite and list your references in the American Medial Association (AMA) style. Grades will be based on appropriateness/ reliability of source (+) and proper citation in reference section (+) and proper citation in the body of the document (+).


Points given for neatness, proper grammar and spelling, ability to summarize and organize thoughts in sentences and paragraphs and appropriate use of the research.

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