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Resources for Carey Chaney's drug research assignment for Anatomy & Physiology

About This Guide

Welcome students of Carey Chaney!

This guide is specific to Professor Chaney's Anatomy & Physiology I drug research assignment.

If you have a different instructor, please use our general A&P guide.

Drug Research Assignment

Drugs are ubiquitous in our society.  An understanding of drug action is especially important for those who plan to enter the health-care profession.  As part of your education, you need to learn how to research the drugs you will encounter.  For this assignment you must research a drug, either legal or illegal, prescription or nonprescription from a minimum of three sources.  The drug you choose must either be a chemical messenger or in some way influence the action of a chemical messenger.  Please check with Professor Chaney before doing your research so you know you have selected something appropriate (for example, antibiotics will not work for this assignment).

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