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NWACC Library

Services for Students

Borrowing Policy

You must be enrolled in the current semester and present an NWACC ID card, or alternate form of legal photo ID, at the time of check out to borrow an item from the library.


Loan periods vary by item type and are listed below. For more information on borrowing library equipment, please visit the equipment guide.

Type of Material Item Limit  Loan Period Renewals
Books 15 21 days 2
Media (DVD, Video Game) 5 21 days 2
Calculators 1 21 days 1 if other calculators are available
Laptops 1 21 days 1 if other laptops are available
Wi-Fi Hotspots 1 21 days 1 if other hotspots are available
Electronic Accessories (Mouse, Webcam) 2 21 days 2 if other item types are available

You, the Borrower, are responsible for all items checked out on your NWACC Library account. If you check out items for other people, you will be charged the fines, and replacement costs, if the items are not returned. You will be held accountable for materials that are not returned and will be billed on your college account. 


Workforce Students

Workforce students in four programs are eligible to check-out up to 10 books, DVDs, and video games from the library. Laptops, Wi-Fi hotspots and other library equipment may not be borrowed. Workforce students do no qualify for  ArkLink cards, nor may they access library databases from off campus; however, they may use all library resources in person.

Eligible programs include: Certified Retail Analyst (CRA), HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical

Qualifying Workforce students should contact the library to get set up.

Adult Education Center Students

Adult Education Center students must have an NWACC ID card or other form of photo ID and a signed Adult Education Library Card Application form on file to borrow books and media. Up to 10 DVDs, and video games may be borrowed for 2 weeks. Laptops, Wi-Fi hotspots and other library equipment may not be borrowed. Adult Education students do no qualify or for ArkLink cards, nor may they access library databases from off campus; however, they may use all library resource in person.

Course Reserves

What is a course reserve?

Course reserves are textbooks or other class materials that are primarily located at the library front desk in Burns Hall. Walker Information Commons in Washington County also has some limited course reserves available at the desk. These materials can be used for two hours and cannot leave the library. You may scan the pages as long as you follow copyright law. Ask at the desk if you need help. 

  • Special Note for Students Taking Biology/Chemistry: The Course Reserves include a copy of the lab manual which can be copied instead of printing. This will save you time. Due to high demand, we recommend printing well before the class start time. 

How do I find a course reserve? 

  • View the Library Catalog's course reserves collection. If your class is listed, click the course name to see items available on reserve. You can also ask the front desk or your instructor. 
  • Bring your NWACC student ID card to the library's front desk. 

Interlibrary Loans (ILL)

Interlibrary Loan is a service that expands the reach of the library by enabling users to borrow materials from over 6,700 libraries throughout the United States and Canada. The library is connected electronically to the collections of these libraries and our library is able to the send the requests of our users to the locations owning material that are most likely to respond expeditiously and without charges.

  • The use of Interlibrary Loan is a privilege, not the right of every cardholder.
  • The NWACC Library adheres to the processes of OCLC and the ALA Interlibrary Loan Code to provide this service.

Library Fines

What happens if I damage or don't return a library book or course reserve?

  •  The cost of the item (minimum $35.00) will be charged to the student's library account.
    • At this time, the library will take steps to replace the item.
    • Whether or not the item is returned, the replacement cost must be paid.
  • A hold will be placed on the student's library account, barring them from borrowing other materials until the fine is paid.
  • A hold will be placed on the student's account, making it impossible to receive grades, transcripts, or graduate until the fine is paid.
  • Depending on the item's replacement cost, unpaid fines may be reported to a collection agency.

What happens if I damage or don't return library equipment (laptops, wi-fi hotspots, calculators, webcams, etc)?

  • 1st late return - Student will be charged a late fee of $25.00 and equipment borrowing privileges will be suspended for 30 days. 
  • 2nd late return - Student will be charged a late fee of $25.00 and equipment borrowing privileges will be suspended for the remainder of the semester and/or the next semester.
  • Abuse of the equipment borrowing policies may result in a permanent suspension.
  • If a student loses, damages, or does not return equipment or accessories, they will be charged a replacement fee for the items-- not to exceed $2100.00 and a replacement fee for each accessory not to exceed $400.00.


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