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NoodleTools Guide to Using the App: My NoodleTools Account

A guide to creating and using your free NoodleTools account for citations.


  An account in NoodleTools is not automatically created for you.

Register for an account

Register through the library's subscription to create an individual account. There is no cost when you use the library's subscription.

NWACC validates your status with NoodleTools by using automatic on-campus IP authentication or proxy authorization depending upon how you are connecting to our subscription. Always use an "official" NWACC link to NoodleTools.

Step 1 - Launch NoodleTools

Launch NoodleTools from an NWACC Library link.

How do I know if I am using NWACC's subscription to NoodleTools? The NoodleTools Sign In page will have the message "You have been automatically authenticated into the Northwest Arkansas Community College subscription."

Step 2 - Click Register

Click "Register" to create a new account from the NoodleTools Sign In page.

Screenshot of sign in page

Step 3 - Complete New User Registration form

Complete the form using the following information.

  • Subscription type is "An account linked to a school/library subscription or trial." (This should be automatically selected for you.)
  • The Personal ID must be unique. Use one you can remember - your NWACC username is one option.
  • Add a valid email, last 4 digits of phone, and initials — these are used for account verification and password reset.

NoodleTools New User Registration screen

Login: Personal ID and account profile

You select the Personal ID that is your login username when you register for a NoodleTools account under the NWACC subscription. The Personal ID has to be unique to the NWACC subscription; so, your NWACC username is a good option.

The initials and last 4 digits of a phone number are used to verify your account if you forget your Personal ID or email used with your account.

It is important to create a "real" account in NoodleTools to avoid getting locked out and losing your work. Use My Profile to confirm the information. REMEMBER your Personal ID.

NoodleTools My Profile icon and link

Verify the Email, Initials, and Phone in your Profile before you have login issues and lose access to your work.


    The Login Options for Google and Office 365 are not enabled. You need to register and create an account by entering your NWACC credentials. See the guide page Register 

Key points about your registration

   The Personal ID and email address used when you registered are essential!

This information is necessary for recovering your password and access to your account.

Revalidation of an account

   Once a year NoodleTools prompts users to revalidate their personal account. The purpose of revalidation is to verify that the user is still eligible to use the NWACC subscription.

This process is automatic if you log in to your account from a computer on campus or use the "official" link. However, if you sign in to your NoodleTools personal account with a saved bookmark or favorite link you may need to take action to revalidate.

Each year around August 1 when you  "Sign In" to your account you may receive a message "revalidate your personal folder". Users can opt to "skip revalidation for now" for a few sessions before being locked out.

What is the School/library password?

NWACC uses the "IP authentication or proxy server authentication" method; so,

  •  Clicking the "Revalidate" button does NOT work and
  • "School library password" is NOT an revalidate option 

How do I revalidate?

  1. Use the "official" link to access NWACC Library's NoodleTools subscription. Using this link tells NoodleTools that you are allowed to use our subscription.
  2. "Sign In" to your personal account. It is that simple and you are authorized for another year.

Forgot your password?

NoodleTools will send a password reset link to the email address in your NoodleTools account. Check your Spam/Junk Mail folder if the message does not show up in your Inbox.

When you select the "I forgot my password" link from the Sign In page you are taken to the "Retrieve Password" page.

NoodleTools Retrieve Password screen

  1. Select the Account Type: "A subscription I have access to through my college or university."
  2. Second, enter your NoodleTools Personal ID and an email address to receive the password reset link.

 If you make a mistake you will receive the error message "No account found matching this personal ID and email address." If this happens, contact the Library.

NoodleTools message - No account found matching this ID and email


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