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Spring Arts and Culture Festival 2024 - Translation

Information and resources for the 2024 Spring Arts and Culture Festival

The NWACC Spring Arts and Culture Festival (SACF) is an annual cross-disciplinary event designed to encourage conversations about social issues, broaden cultural understanding, promote creativity and diversity and celebrate the arts. The festival brings together activities, professional speakers and artists to unite education, local industry and community in conversation. Every year offers a new theme. 

SACF offers in-person, streaming and recorded events that are FREE and open to the public, unless otherwise noted on the schedule.

2024 Theme - Translation

This spring, SACF will explore the theme of translation. How do we convert meaning from one language, person or culture to another? Whether communicating between languages or translating texts, completing the biological process of translating information into RNA, or translating ourselves and our ideas to another in a way of shared relation and comprehension, the concept of translation surrounds us as we make meaning from our lives.

Join the Northwest Arkansas community in translating ourselves, our languages, our bodies and our worlds!

Event Schedule