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NWACC Library

English for Multilingual Students

Is English your 2nd, 3rd or 4th language? These resources may be useful.

Translation Tools

Most of the Library's search tools include translation tools.

Gale Power Search

  • Set the tool's interface in your native language.
  • Translate articles to several languages. 
  • Listen to articles in English to practice comprehension and pronunciation.

screenshot of commands

EBSCOhost and "Search Everything"

  • Translate articles
  • Listen to articles read in 3 different English accents - American, British, or Australian

screenshot showing Translate and Listen modes

Credo Reference

  • Use the 3 stacked horizontal lines to open more options (This is called "the hamburger"  because it looks like a burger between two buns. Can you see it?)
  • Translate articles
  • Listen to articles

screenshot of open hamburger menu showing Read Aloud and Translate


  • Listen to articles

screenshot showing Listen command

Best Bet

Best Bet

Key benefits:

  • Set the interface to your native language.
  • Translate articles.
  • Listen to articles in English.
  • Topic finder
  • Subject guide search

Topic Finder

Visualize connections between search terms and topics and view relevant articles for those topics.

screenshot of Topic Finder

Subject Guide Search

Subject terms are like hashtags on social media. Search the subject index to find articles tagged with specific subject terms.

screenshot illustrating subject guide

Power Search Tools

Use these to find all types of source, including research starters (explainers), scholarly/academic sources and popular sources, such as news, magazines, books, and more.

Search Tools for Pre-Research and Beginning Research

General Overviews / Beginning Research / Topic Selection Tools