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Voting and Culture Jamming

Voting and Culture Jamming

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SACF | Translating Hedonism into Civic Virtue: Honors Student Guerrilla Voting Campaign

Day & Time: Thursday, March 7, 3:00-4:15 p.m.

Location: NWACC, Student Center 108

Presenters: NWACC Honors students and Honors Program 

How can concern, interest, and engagement be cultivated across the state with one of the lowest voter turnouts and least developed civic life? How can college students in Arkansas be forced to be free? How can the care, knowledge, and action of the civic good of the voter be translated into the hedonism of clickbait and psychopharma'ed attention spans of social media cyborgs? How can the world of the hyper-individualized and selfcentered be breached through the intertwined fates of the community? To address these questions, NWACC Honors students will share the insights they learned building and deploying a guerrilla marketing campaign (that drew upon ironic re-appropriation, culturally resonant messaging, and resounding narratives in smart and humorous ways from a tradition that runs through graffiti and installation artists like Banksy to groups like Ad Busters and the Guerrilla Girls). Honors student Kelsie Clark, Honors student Braiden Burton, Honors Director Sabrina Chesne, and Service Learning Coordinator Matt Evans will discuss these student projects, reflect on what they learned, and set the world right in an (un)hinged conversation moderated by Dana West (an Honors Program and NWACC graduate, seamstress, artist, teacher, and culture jammer).

Sabrina Chesne is the Honors Program direction and English faculty at NWACC; Matt Evans works as the Service Learning Coordinator. Braiden Burton and Kelsie Clark are Honors Program students. Dana West is an Honors Program graduate, local seamstress, art teacher, activist, business-owner, and culture jammer.