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Women's History Month

This guide highlights women's accomplishments throughout history and resources for finding more information.

What is the Women's Suffrage Movement?

"The international movement that fought for women’s right to vote was known as the suffragist movement. Despite generally having a common goal, the movement developed differently throughout many decades and nations. From its beginnings, the women’s suffrage movement has been tied to the cause of universal suffrage, which refers to voting rights for people of all races, though previously it had been applied mainly to universal male suffrage. Some consider that the woman’s suffrage movement was an offshoot of the universal suffrage movement, and in the United States it was allied with the abolitionist movement for a time. The first nations to enact women’s suffrage were New Zealand (1893) and Australia (1895 in the state of South Australia, 1902 throughout the country). Australia was also among the first to allow women to run for office."

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Important Figures