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Principles of Biotechnology

Get an easy-to-understand introduction to the fundamentals of biotechnology.


Learn how genetic modification can enhance and repair DNA at the molecular level to cure genetic conditions, better plant growth, diagnose and fix major genetic disorders, and cancer, as well as learning about the human genome.

Experimental Biotechnology

Delve into general biotech lab procedures, like methods of pipetting, solution preparation, buffers and principles of common analytical instruments essential for laboratory biotechnology experiments.

Introduction to Biotechnology and Biostatistics

Introduce yourself to the concepts of biotechnology and biostatistics.

Biotechnology Law : A Primer for Scientists

Discover how patent, regulatory, and contract law profoundly shape the biotech industry, and each of these practice areas is deeply intertwined with the science it governs.

Biodiversity and Biotechnology

Delve into the fundamental notion of biodiversity and the field of biotechnology.

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