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All About Plagiarism

This guide includes information on the ins and outs of plagiarism, what it looks like, how to avoid it, and some famous examples.

AI Grammar Checkers

Check this!


Use an AI tool to find and correct the mistakes in these sample sentences.

  1. The scientist conducts they're experiments in the laboratory. 

  1. Me and him will be presenting our project tomorrow. 

  1. The cat laid on it's favorite blanket. 

  1. The company's goal is to ensure it's employees are satisfied. 

  1. They're going to the store to buy there groceries. 


Compare two AI writing tools to see if they give you the same suggestions by pasting in this sample paragraph.

I saw a solar eclips last weak, and it was really cool. The moon went in front of the sun and it got dark for a minute. I had some special glasses, so my eyes didn't get hurt. It was amazing to see the sun disappeer and then come back again. Solar eclipses are very rare and it makes you think about the universe and how small we are. I was so exciting to experience it and I want to see another one someday. It's important to protect your eyes during an eclipse, or you can get blind. I learned alot about space from this experience, and it was a unforgettable moment in my life.