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NWACC Library

Papercut: Student Printing

Web Print

Mobile printing is available using your own device. The device must be connected to NWACC wifi. However, there is not a mobile-friendly version of Papercut, so we recommend printing from a laptop.

Simply log in at and choose Web Print on the left navigation, then Submit a Job.


Then choose the appropriate printer--in Bentonville you will choose Library and LIC Copiers, in Washington County you will choose WC Student Copiers, and in the bottom right corner choose 2. Print Options and Account Selection.

Choose the number of copies you'd like to print, and then choose 3. Upload Documents in the bottom right corner.


Finally, browse to the file you'd like to print on your device, and choose Upload and Complete in the bottom right corner. Below the browse button are the file types that can be printed.

After you have submitted your print job in the steps above, you will need to release your prints at the copier. You simply log in to the copier with your MYNWACC Username and Passord and choose Print Release, then release you prints.