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Information Literacy Guide for Faculty

What is Curriculum Builder (NWACC Library Reading List)?

Curriculum Builder (which is an external tool named - NWACC Library Reading List) tool allows to search "Search Everything" from within the Canvas and create a reading list to support your course requirements like assignment readings, chapters, videos, documentaries, etc. Simply add the desired search results to an identified "reading list" with few clicks. You can also annotate your reading lists for students.

With the Curriculum Builder (NWACC Library Reading List)

  • one can bypass the download/upload/renaming process of adding NWACC Library's online resources into Canvas
  • one can potentially reduce textbook costs for students.

Contact NWACC Library's Reference staff if you need help with setting up a reading list in your Canvas course.

Reading List Ideas

Here are some ideas for making use of Curriculum Builder (NWACC Library Reading List) beyond the assigned readings.

  • Forums: Hold weekly forum discussions based on assigned readings
  • Glossaries: Increase class understanding of complex terminology by asking your students to build a shared glossary with definitions that students can search and browse based on assigned readings
  • Questionnaires: Survey students to gather and share feedback on recommended issues-oriented websites or assigned topical readings
  • Wikis: Build a shared study guide by asking each student to provide an annotated summary to an assigned reading list
  • Quizzes: Assign a graded quiz based on reading list selections
  • Offline Assignments: Assign annotated summaries of reading list selections

Taken from Alicia Virtue's libguide at Santa Rosa Junior College.

What is Curriculum Builder?

Curriculum Builder (NWACC Library Reading List) is a Canvas App for Library's Discovery Service (Search Everything) that enables faculty to bring the database articles, e-books, streaming video and other digital resources from NWACC Library's electronic subscriptions easily and directly into the Canvas for students to use.

Here’s how Curriculum Builder (NWACC Library Reading List) works:

  1. Search NWACC library’s content from within the Canvas and;
  2. Simply click “Add to Reading List” and your selections are saved as a Reading List*.

* you can also name your reading list. See this document below for more information on how to create a reading list.