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OLD -- Information Literacy Guide for Faculty

Custom-Made Digital Learning Objects

We offer the following off-the-shelf solutions as well as custom content.

ProQuest Research Companion

InfoLit-Core - Online Information Literacy Modules from Credo Reference

topics covered listed

How Instruct Can Help You & Your Students

  • Enhance instruction with engaging multimedia
  • Configure delivery through Canvas
  • Create a foundation of critical thinking skills around information literacy
  • Provide integrated assessments
  • Select which elements to use in your classroom
  • Maintain accreditation requirements with standards aligned content (AAC&U, ACRL)
  • Free up classroom time to focus on more discipline-specific content

How Can You Use Instruct?

  • Use flipped classroom modality to deliver essential skills and content, while saving class time for subject-specific instruction
  • Supplement your syllabus and research assignments with information literacy content and quizzes
  • Remediate students with point of need instruction with on-demand viewing of embedded materials
  • Partner with your librarian to enhance library presentations to students

Is Instruct Easy to Setup and Use?

  • Select any part of the modules to use, from one element to all six modules. Our librarians can help you pick the ideal tools to meet your student learning outcomes.
  • Librarians can assist with selecting content to fit your syllabus and linking them in Canvas.
  • Access the InfoLit modules during class from our A-Z database list.