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Fake News vs. Real News: Home

How to determine actual and reliable information on the internet and in social media feeds

Not All News is Created Equal

Wilkinson, Signe. “Editorial Cartoon.” The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2 Dec. 2016.

[H]ere is the dilemma in dealing with fake news: not all fake news is cre­ated equal. Some of it is pro­duced in sweat­shops by people who couldn’t care less about what they’re doing as long as they can get clicks and make money. And some of it is pro­duced by ide­o­log­i­cally moti­vated activists who are engaging in con­sti­tu­tion­ally pro­tected polit­ical speech. 

Dan Kennedy, Assistant Professor of Journalism, Northwestern University

"Fake News Versus False News: Why They're Different, And Why It Matters"

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