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Composition: Film Reviews

Resources for Composition I and Composition II courses

Getting Started

Need a film review? Depending on the movie, how recent it is, and whether or not it has been studied by scholars, there are several finding paths.

Movie reviews are often published in newspapers and magazines, as well as on websites. These reviews are aimed at the typical film watcher. Trade journals, such as Variety or The Hollywood Reporter, are geared toward the film industry. Academic journals have focused analysis written by scholars.

Library Search Tools

Use an "exact phrase" search with the name of the film in quotation marks. Film titles that are a single word, like Parasite or Joker, do not need quotation marks.

Not finding it? Add the word REVIEW: "Film Title" AND review 

Still nothing? Try switching out the word "review" for the name of the director: "Film Title" AND Director's Name

Web Sites

Trade Journals

Scholarly Articles & Academic Journals


News Articles