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Cultural Anthropology: Articles: Academic Journals, Magazines, & Newspapers

Magazines vs. Journals

Having a hard time telling magazines apart from academic or professional journals? Here are some helpful clues:


  • Intended for general audiences
  • Often written by generalists
  • Articles do not undergo peer review
  • May report on research secondhand
  • Often do not include citations
  • Easy to read
  • Attractive layout and photographs
  • Many advertisements
  • Published commercially for profit


  • Written for experts by experts or students in the field
  • Articles often undergo peer review
  • Often report on original research
  • Articles include citations
  • Lots of technical jargon
  • Illustrations often limited to charts
  • Few or no advertisements
  • Often published by educational institutions or professional groups

Databases Links

The following databases are best for finding original research, current events, and other articles from academic journals, magazines, and newspapers--although you'll find other types of content (images, videos, audio files, ebooks, etc.) as well. They cover a range of topics.

What Are Scholarly Journals?

Finding Journals by Title

The Journals A-to-Z tool tells you whether the NWACC Library currently has full-text access to a particular journal, magazine, or newspaper.

Simply search for the publication's title (TimeNational Geographic, etc.) in the main search field. Search results will include links to databases that contain full-text articles.

Research Smarter Tips

Check out these helpful resources from the Library's Research Smarter guide.

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