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Sociology: Families - SOCI 2043: Home

This guide will assist you with conducting research for Familes - SOCI 2043.

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Families - Sociology 2043 Research Guide

Before conducting research:

  • Make sure you understand the assignment.  Your instructor may allow you to select any topic you like, or they may require you to select a specific topic within a more general concept. Read your assignment sheet thoroughly before you begin your research.

  • Avoid picking a topic that's too broad...or too narrow.  Your instructor will probably set limitations for the length of your paper. If you pick a topic that's too general, you won't be able to adequately cover it in a few pages. If you select a topic that's too narrow, you may have trouble finding sources. This will prove frustrating for you and will make the assignment harder than it needs to be.

  • Write about something that interests you.  If you find a topic interesting, the research and writing process will be more enjoyable for you. This will come through in your paper and it'll be more enjoyable for your reader as well.

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