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Physics and Human Affairs: Melody Thomas: EMPACTS: Finding Articles & More

Magazines vs. Journals


...are intended for general audiences. not undergo peer review.

...may report on research secondhand. not include citations.

...are easy to read.

...have attractive layouts and photographs.

...have many advertisements.

...are published commercially for profit.


...are written for experts by experts.

...often undergo peer review.

...often report on original research.

...include citations.

...have lots of technical jargon.

...have few illustrations outside of charts.

...have few or no advertisements.

... are often published by professional groups.

Effective Search Strategies

- Create a list of keywords related to the topic that you are researching.

- Begin with a basic keyword search and see what kind of results you get.

- If you get too few results, try different keywords.

- If you get too many results, try more and/or different search terms or limit your results by date, publication type, and other criteria.

What Are Databases?

Research databases provide electronic access to articles originally published in scholarly journals, newspapers, and magazines as well as electronic books, videos, and images.

Below you will find links to many of our databases, grouped by topic. For a complete list of all the databases available through the Library, visit our Research Databases page.

General Research


Boolean Searching

Many search engines are designed to recognize the Boolean operators and, or, and not. Use these terms in your database searches to reduce or increase your results.

and reduces search results.

- Arkansas and razorbacks: Will only bring back articles in which Arkansas and razorbacks both appear. Results will not include articles where only one of the two words is present.

or increases search results.

- Arkansas or razorbacks: Will bring back all articles in the database that mention Arkansas, all articles that mention razorbacks, and all articles that mention both Arkansas and razorbacks.

not reduces search results.

- Arkansas not razorbacks: Will only bring back articles that mention Arkansas and do not mention razorbacks. Results will not include articles where both words are present.


Finding Journals by Title

The Journals A-to-Z tool tells you whether the NWACC Library currently has full-text access to a particular journal, magazine, or newspaper.

Simply search for the publication's title (TimeNational Geographic, etc.) in the main search field. Search results will include links to databases that contain full-text articles.