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Google & Google Scholar: Advanced Google search

Finding Articles

To search for scholarly journal articles:

Search Operators: How To...

Search for an exact word or phrase

Include synonyms

Search within a site or domain

Exclude a word

Targeted searches

Search by file type

Use punctuation & symbols

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Google Alerts

Receive email updates of the latest results based on your Google searches.

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Google Advanced Search

Google's Advanced Search provides options to search more precisely for more relevant results.

Advanced Google search
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You can begin at the Advanced Search screen, or start on the basic search screen and determine from there whether you want to filter your results. Once you select a filter, select Advanced search from gear icon. The search form will be customized according to your filter.

Fill out the form with your search parameters. Instead of simply searching for an image, you can specify the file type, size, usage rights, region, domain, colors, and more.

Tip: Advanced searching leads to more relevant results, but some searches are so specific that few or no results fit the parameters. If this happens, adjust your selections and search terms.

Google Account

Creating a free Google Account provides you with further options:

  • Personalize search results based on your Google profile
  • Access search history
  • Manage alerts
  • Use the same username and password to access Gmail, YouTube, Google+, Google Docs, etc.

A Google a Day

Check out the Google game that tests your search skills to find answers to the most challenging questions.

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