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World Religions: Reference: Topic Overviews & More

Contains links to useful resources about religion in the Library, in our databases, and on the Internet.

Recommended Databases for Researching World Religions

To access, you may be prompted for your Blackboard/My NWACC Connection login credentials.

RESEARCH TIP: The  info button next to each database leads to descriptions, search tips, and/or video tutorials.

Reference: Topic Overviews & More

The research databases below are best for topic overviews, background info, brief facts, statistics, definitions, etc. from subject-specific and general encyclopedias, textbooks, dictionaries, and other reference sources. They cover a broad array of topics, and may also include additional resources beyond reference materials.

What Is a Reference Source?

A reference source is a work used for looking up specific information.

Purpose: Reference works are typically used to look up specific information, and are generally not read from cover to cover like a novel.

Scope: Reference works usually present broad information overviews and/or quick summaries with limited detailed analysis. Some reference books cover broad topics, such as a dictionary of English language, while others cover more focused topics, such as a dictionary of transportation logistics terminology.

Format: Reference works are available in print, media, and electronic format.

Organization: Reference works are arranged in a specific order (such as alphabetical, chronological, topical, etc.) and/or provide tools (indices, hyperlinks, cross-references, etc.) to help the user find information efficiently.

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