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World Religions: Articles: Academic Journals, Magazines, & Newspapers

Contains links to useful resources about religion in the Library, in our databases, and on the Internet.

Recommended Databases for Researching World Religions

To access, you may be prompted for your Blackboard/My NWACC Connection login credentials.

RESEARCH TIP: The  info button next to each database leads to descriptions, search tips, and/or video tutorials.

Magazines vs. Journals

Having a hard time telling magazines apart from academic or professional journals? Here are some helpful clues:


  • Intended for general audiences
  • Often written by generalists
  • Articles do not undergo peer review
  • May report on research secondhand
  • Often do not include citations
  • Easy to read
  • Attractive layout and photographs
  • Many advertisements
  • Published commercially for profit


  • Written for experts by experts or students in the field
  • Articles often undergo peer review
  • Often report on original research
  • Articles include citations
  • Lots of technical jargon
  • Illustrations often limited to charts
  • Few or no advertisements
  • Often published by educational institutions or professional groups

Databases Links

The following databases are best for finding original research, current events, and other articles from academic journals, magazines, and newspapers--although you'll find other types of content (images, videos, audio files, ebooks, etc.) as well. They cover a range of topics.

What Are Scholarly Journals?

Finding Journals by Title

The Journals A-to-Z tool tells you whether the NWACC Library currently has full-text access to a particular journal, magazine, or newspaper.

Simply search for the publication's title (TimeNational Geographic, etc.) in the main search field. Search results will include links to databases that contain full-text articles.

Research Smarter Tips

Check out these helpful resources from the Library's Research Smarter guide.

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